An early morning meeting with an old yellowed badger. Watching a gorse fire blaze across the cliffs like a ravenous beast.

These are the kind of encounters that inspire me to make a print, and it is the atmosphere of these situations that I want to convey. How they feel rather than how they look. Dreams are also a source, as are my experiences of birth and death, and of mental illness affecting people I love. I am interested in Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious and my prints are full of archetypal figures and symbolism, often borrowing from fairy tales and mythology. I am especially drawn to themes of metamorphosis. From human to beast to tree.

Anything is possible. In my world cabbages can spout poetry while fish perch in trees knitting socks. There are no boundaries. I cut my prints with very fine tools, print them on an old Victorian typography press, and hand paint them with water colours when they are dry. The 3D buildings take me ages to make and are built from copper water cylinders, drift wood, and wood off cuts, old pianos and unusual odds and ends .